My favorite Pizza Hut memory is...

…the one we just made, with our visit today!

I remember…

…when my sister worked at Pizza Hut in the mid 70’s. I would go there for lunch and get pepperoni and mushroom pizzas at least twice a week!

I have many Pizza Hut memories, my favorite is…

…my son, who is now 19 and in the Air Force, used to dip his Pizza Hut pizza in his drink before he ate it! He was only 5 at the time. It’s a very sweet (yet not appetizing) memory!

My favorite Pizza Hut memory is...

...learning to love reading through the BOOK IT! Program back in grade school. We looked forward to book reports and the free Personal Pan Pizza rewards!

I remember...

...being a bridesmaid in the late 80s and going to Pizza Hut for rehearsal dinner. The parents disappeared, leaving the young wedding party to find a place to take the bride and groom after rehearsal. Someone suggested Pizza Hut as a good place to take a group...and it was! We all had a great time.

My favorite Pizza Hut memory...

...My 4-H group came here after painting pumpkins with nursing patients one October. Each time we bring a group, the staff has everything ready when we get here. It’s a great time for all the kids and the food is always great!

What I like best about Pizza Hut is...

...meeting my friends at Pizza Hut and seeing all the cordial staff members who put up with us as long as we stay! Some of them you’d like as your own daughters.

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"We love The BOOK IT! Program. My 7 year old son is so excited to bring home his BOOK IT! coupon each month! We usually have to order one cheese Personal Pan Pizza that night for him to share with his little sister. Please keep the program around since it provides such a cool and nutritious reward for a job well done!"
-Therese from North Ridgeville

"Recent service at Belmont Road location was great, call for order was hot and ready when I arrived."
-Lesley from Youngstown

"I think Pizza Hut makes the BEST PIZZA. Service is always very quick and our pizza is always hot. We love getting notices and extra coupons."
-Donna from Avon Lake

"The service, the quality, the convenience, Pizza Hut has it all! I love my Ravenna Pizza Hut. I have never had bad service or a bad meal. Keep it up; my family enjoys your food!"
-Dawn from Ravenna

"Pizza Hut's crust is absolutely the best. No one can come close to its perfection. The sausage is also definitely tops!"

"We love to take the whole family to Pizza Hut, but especially the grandkids; they love it!"
-Grace from North Canton

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