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I recently had my bridal shower at your Loudonville location. I have to say that the service we had was excellent. The manager was courteous and friendly. The servers Kara and Amanda were so helpful; I couldn't have asked for more. All of the pizzas and breadsticks were cooked wonderfully; your kitchen staff did a great job. Thank you for your time.
-Melissa from Loudonville

"The shooting team from Georgia would like to announce that we have found southern service at your Port Clinton location in Northern Ohio. Our server, Allison, had a smile that made our time at the restaurant very enjoyable. The ten of us went through our names at the beginning, and, as a joke, told her there would be a test later; she remembered all of our names. A southern belle, this far north...who would have thought."
-Fred from far away

"Pizza at the Copley Road Pizza Hut is always delicious and we can order it any way we want - which as a senior citizen is great. We watch our salt and fat intake so that we can splurge on pizza. Still, we can order a veggie pizza and avoid the meats. The extra bonus is how nice the staff always treats us and makes us feel like we are ordering $1000 worth of goods, not just $11. They are friendly and always suggest other items that we might not think of. It is perfect for an older couple who wants to dine-out or in."
-Carol from Copley

"I just finished eating an order of wings and a pizza that I had delivered from your Niles location after placing an order via your website. I am usually skeptical about ordering things online but to my surprise my experience was phenomenal. It took less than 30 minutes, the food was piping hot and the entire order was correct. Overall, a great performance from Pizza Hut and its employees"
-Zack from Niles

"I wanted to write to say thank you for being open on Memorial Day. My husband and I went out on an excursion to find some place open and the Pizza Hut in Stow was open and busy! We weren't sure if we wanted to dine-in or order and take it to go based on the time (the manager came out and very politely let us know it would 25 minutes either way). We really appreciated him taking the time to talk with us, so we decided to dine in. Our waitress had half the restaurant to take care of but was very helpful and quick about our order. I was impressed with how she didn't get stressed being that busy! This was my first time ordering one of the wing sandwiches and it was wonderful! My husband and I walked away saying how great both of our meals were. So thank you for being open, having great service and food. It made our Memorial Day last-minute date really nice."

"I placed an online order for the first time the other day (for your Aurora location) and the system is great; very straightforward. The delivery was ahead of schedule and your driver was hands-down the happiest, most smiling, pizza delivery person I have ever had. This was the first time we've ordered from the Aurora location and we'll be back because the face of your organization (your delivery person) could not have exuded more professionalism, smiles and a love of her job. It made our first Pizza Hut experience fantastic. Thanks again and please thank her as well."
-John from Aurora

"This was the first time I've ever been wowed by a pizza company. I've ordered a lot of pizzas in my day, but this was the first time they brought cups for the 2-liters we ordered and plates to eat our food (we were staying at a local hotel in Ashland). This Pizza Hut gave us a great product, great service and they were quick!"

"I live in Wadsworth and usually order from there but I was catering a party for my office in Fairlawn so I ordered from Norton. I have never had better service in any other restaurant than I did at Norton; it is well run, the food is excellent and all the people are pleasant and efficient. I wanted to call and let you know because I believe that when employees perform well they should be recognized."

"Dine in at Pizza Hut in Loudonville Ohio every Tues. The servers are very good, and have been serving us long enough to know what we want. "

"Let me just say thanks! I have never had a problem, you updated your web site..made it easy to use. You guys rock!!! Thank you!!"
-Shannan from Austintown

My family is on a budget and Pizza Hut allows for great deals with or without coupons! Thanks!
-Tami from N. Jackson

"With the economy being as it is, we only get to eat out once a week, and it is a special meal for our family. The InnerCrust gives me a chance to stretch my dollar further. We ONLY! eat out at Pizza Hut now."
-Brandie from Akron

"Hi, Just want to thank you for the BIRTHDAY pizza I got FREE. I thought there might be a ""catch"" but was pleasantly surprised. I love your pizza and I'll be back!!!!"
-Helen from Cortland

I remember ordering pizza from pizza hut and drinking a pepsi on fridays as a kid with my grandma!

we love your $10 pizzas. hope that continues. it's so convenient to be able to pick up a pizza without having to bring a coupon with you or go home and get one.

With the economy the way it is now.... any discounts available are great! Thanks Pizza Hut!

I love the pizza hut offers by text and email. I have taken advantage of both! Thank you!

"I love the online ordering. We don't get pizza real often, but when we do, it is a great way to order. Thanks!"

We love our local Pizza Hut! We have our favorite server and always have great service and fantastic meals at an affordable price!

Thank you so much for my birthday coupon! Used it today and even was able to get dessert for under $5. Ordered Tuscani Pasta and it was excellent.
-Connie from Struthers

"Pizza Hut, you guys are the best and you continue to get even better all the time!"
-Jason from Solon

"Thank you so much for continuing to offer a $10 pizza. With the economy the way it is, we're able to get your delicious pizzas more often."

I absolutely love that you added online ordering. It is so easy and everything seems to happen so fast! Thanks!!!
-Jackie from Akron

I am only allowed to bring pizza hut pizza in the house my mother lloooovesss it
-Linda from Youngstown

"Thank you for being the only pizza place with all natural pepperoni, sausage, cheese, and sauce. Once I found out about this I started buying pizza hut all the time!! Now I ONLY buy pizza hut!"

I had the Chocolate Dunkers today. They were fantastic. The dipping sauce wasn't even necessary. They were great just plain.

"We tried your Hershey's Chocolate Dunkers. The kids really liked them-especially the idea of dipping them in chocolate. They were a bit messy, but went over very well."

Thank you so much for the gift certificate you sent me for my birthday. I was really surprised. Keep up the good customer relations. You really stand out above the rest.

"There just isn't a pizza restaurant as good as Pizza Hut. Your pizza is saucy, cheesy, and just loaded with fresh toppings! I never purchase a Pizza Hut pizza without ordering breadsticks. They are the best! Another great thing about Pizza Hut is InnerCrust membership. It's a great way to get customers to try all the items, new or old, on the menu! I especially like that we get to try new food before it comes out to the public! Keep up the good work, Pizza Hut! You guys are awesomely good!"
-Cindy from Copley

I love everything about Pizza Hut's food! I have never had anything I did not like. I also really love when a new product comes out and I get to try the full size product for only $5.00. Thank you very much for those deals.
-Vikki from Lorain

We love The BOOK IT! Program. My 7 year old son is so excited to bring home his BOOK IT! coupon each month! We usually have to order one cheese Personal Pan Pizza that night for him to share with his little sister. Please keep the program around since it provides such a cool and nutritious reward for a job well done!
-Therese from North Ridgeville

"I love your online ordering it is the best thing you all at Pizza Hut could have done with your website, thank you very much for thinking about it."

I think I'm #1 fan. I can eat pizza 24/7. Good pizza; just thought you should know.

I have a question: are your pizzas as delicious as I think they are? And I have a comment: YES!

I think Pizza Hut makes the BEST PIZZA. Service is always very quick and our pizza is always hot. We love getting notices and extra coupons.
-Donna from Avon Lake

I recently went to Pizza Hut in Port Clinton. We came on a Saturday night and had a wedding party of 40. I just wanted to thank them for the great service. The staff was very attentive. The food was also great. Thank you Pizza Hut staff!

"I love Pizza Hut because it satisfies my whole family. We can all get our favorite different items and not go over our budget. I love the pasta, my husband loves the wings and subs, and my son loves the pizza."
-Jennifer from Ashtabula

We tried your new Meaty Marinara Tuscani Pasta and we really liked it. The sauce was full of flavor and it was a generous portion. Even my two picky children liked it. I will definitely be ordering it again. I have already started to spread the word about how tasty it is and a good price too.

"Tried the Meaty Marinara Tuscani Pasta. It was very good! We shared it with another couple and every one enjoyed it. Not enough breadsticks, though (we had to fight over them!). I do a lot of ordering for work and I probably will have this for a lunch meeting soon."

The pasta is the best. Everybody at work loves the pasta.
-John from Aurora

We indulged last night in the Tuscani Pasta dish at our Pizza Hut on W. Tuscarawas St. We got the Chicken Alfredo and it was delicious. It came out in a timely manner and was piping hot. The breaksticks were a nice touch too. Our waiter....I'm not sure of his name......was wonderful. He was very attentive and friendly. I really like the idea of family-style too'We will definitely be back for more.

"My family and I ordered the Tuscani Pasta this evening from the Wickliffe Pizza Hut, it was fantastic and we will definitely be telling our friends about it and ordering it again."

We ordered the new Meaty Marinara Tuscani Pasta and thought it was quite good. Enough to feed a family of 4 with a little bit leftover! Also very good service at the Munroe Falls Pizza Hut!

"I grew up in a loving family with an Italian heritage. My dad was born in Italy and we had spaghetti dinner every Sunday; his famous quote is It's not a Sunday without spaghetti!"" With that thought in mind, I wanted to share how much I enjoyed your Lasagna dinner. I drove out in blizzard conditions to take advantage of the $5 trial offer. (I actually tried The Natural pizza for $5 the first night - it was great and I didn't feel guilty eating it because it had fiber!) I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try your Lasagna dinner for only $5 so, in spite of white-out conditions, I drove to pick-up my Lasagna at lunch time - I had a neighbor over and we loved much so that it also made a repeat for dinner - everyone that tried it, liked it! Now I see your TV commercials about fooling everyone in Italy and I thought I would share with you my ""thumbs up"" too!"""
-Lisa from Mentor

"We tried the new Tuscani Pasta ' Chicken Alfredo ' it was a big hit! Tasty, served hot and fresh, excellent texture and just the right amount of baked cheese. Great with the breadsticks. We would order this again"

I loved the Meaty Marinara Tuscani Pasta. All I needed to add was a salad and a beverage for a complete meal. I will be telling my friends about it.

My family just had the Chicken Alfredo Tuscani Pasta and it was excellent! The bread sticks were great and I also ordered a garden salad. What a great meal.

The Tuscani Pasta was incredible. I LOVED it. We had the Meaty Marinara.

"Pizza Hut's pizza has always been my absolute favorite pizza. The crust has an unbeatable taste that is not duplicated anywhere else. Recently however, I was introduced to your lasagna and I was surprised by the rich, cheesy taste with just enough sauce as a compliment to the noodles. It is definitely a repeat for me!"
-Sudi from Kent

"My family and I love Pizza Hut and especially the new Lasagna! It's really good and we never have any leftovers! We love the pizza, the wings ' we just love everything! I especially like to make lunch dates with my kids (that are now grown) at Pizza Hut and get the lunch buffet. Please keep up the good work!"
-Phyllis from Wadsworth

"I ordered a pizza, wings and some apple pies last night from the Cuyahoga Falls Pizza Hut. The apple pies were AWESOME! I loved how the crust bubbled up on the top. Everything else was great, too. And the guy that took my order over the phone ' I think his name was James ' was very helpful and was polite and courteous. Thanks for a great meal!"

This is the first time that I had Thin n Crispy Veggie Lover's pizza - the quality was very good.

"Recent service at Belmont Road location was great, call for order was hot and ready when I arrived."
-Lesley from Youngstown

OH","I love my Pizza Hut in Poland, OH. It makes an easy, quick, delicious meal when I work. We love Pan Pizza, which is rich tasting. We usually try different toppings each week. The only pizza we order!!!!!"
-"Judy from Poland

"I recently visited the Pizza Hut on South Avenue in Poland and after the day I had, was in much-need of a nice slice of pizza I had been craving for all day!!! I noticed that the restaurant seemed to be a little busy (having to have worked in the food industry years ago I know all too well how hectic things can get). My server (Christina) seemed to not even bat an eyelash at everything that was happening around her. She kept a smile on her face the whole time, still found time to laugh and joke with customers, and made sure to check back with me on how my meal was and drink refills. As I said before, being in the food industry myself a long time ago I know that things can get crazy and you want to pull your hair out because you feel like you're being pulled in every direction and have a million things to do at once. What a fantastic individual you have working for you that actually cares about the customer and can make your bad day not so bad any more with as something as simple as a smile."

"The service, the quality, the convenience, Pizza Hut has it all! I love my Ravenna Pizza Hut. I have never had bad service or a bad meal. Keep it up; my family enjoys your food!"
-Dawn from Ravenna

I would just like to make a comment about a young lady at the Niles Pizza Hut named Kayla that helped me order at the drive through window. She was very patient and helped me choose exactly what I wanted. I did not get to tell her but you are very lucky to have such a nice young lady working for you.

"I picked up a pizza from the Wooster Pizza Hut and was so pleased with how friendly Matthew"" was; smiling and laughing with me; it made my day so much better just from pizza"""

Yesterday I visited the Pizza Hut on West Tusc.'and I had a young woman as my waitress and she was fantastic! My granddaughter loved her! We really felt like we were important to her.

"I was dining at your Cooper-Foster location (in Amherst/Lorain) tonight and I want to say our server, Jennifer (I think), did a wonderful job."

"My daughter, grandson, and I have been going to the Pizza Hut in North Ridgeville almost every Sunday after church for over a year and a half. Today we had probably the best pizza we have ever had. The crust was cooked to perfection, the pepperoni was was just delicious. The person who took the order said she would tell Colleen, the person who prepared the pizza but I also wanted to tell you. We have always had great service there also. Congratulations on a providing delicious pizza and a friendly atmosphere."

I love the people at the Oberlin Pizza Hut. They make sure everything is right and if it is not they will fix it for you. Oberlin Pizza Hut rocks.

"Dear Pizza Hut Executives, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the coupon which was sent to me about a month ago. It was on a larger cardboard Pizza Hut clip-snip coupon circular that came in the mail, and one of the offers was for a free 12 pizza. I saved the ad all this time until today, when the coupon was to expire, to call my local Pizza Hut (on Easton Street in North Canton, OH). ""Is this for real?"" I asked. I was assured it was. I was shocked. Delighted. Impressed. Grateful. I ordered what I normally order: your Veggie Lover's pizza. I picked it up about an hour ago and just want to stop and express a genuine THANKS for the coupon and promotion. The Easton Street, North Canton Pizza Hut staff is ALWAYS cordial, friendly and prompt. Even today, taking the order for a free pizza, preparing it, and the sweet-faced lady who handed the box to me through the drive-through window. Really, kudos to my local gang for years of great service. Kudos to the larger Pizza Hut Corporation or whoever is responsible for this wonderful and unexpected treat. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I mean that!"""

"We love going to the Pizza Hut on Abbe Road in Sheffield Lake. You could not find a better crew that works together and is so friendly to the customer. We never miss a Wednesday night buffet. Lacey is our server'she manages the whole floor, always with a smile. The personalized service includes the manager and the cook. We actually have pulled up in the parking lot and as soon as we stepped foot in the restaurant we are told, 'I saw you coming and your pizza is in the oven!' Who could ask for better service?! Keep up the good work! We come back to this restaurant, even though it is a drive from our house, because of these employees!"
-Theresa from Sheffield Lake

Ohio","The best pizza in town'A plus, 100'Yum! Yum!"
-"Port Clinton

"My husband and I love our grandchildren. Our 3 beautiful granddaughters live in Jackson Township, Ohio and our two handsome grandsons live in Sahurarita, Arizona. When they come over we always order Pizza Hut Pan pizza and everyone gets what they want in toppings. Some of them even like it without sauce."
-Connie from Akron

Brooke has been nothing short of terrific to deal with at our Avon Lake location. She is pleasant and professional; One of the nicest people we have ever dealt with.

I visited your Avon Lake delivery/carryout restaurant today. I ordered a Personal Pan Pizza and a soda. My order was ready very quickly and the pizza was delicious. What a great deal for only $6.12!

I absolutely love the cheesy breadsticks and your Meat Lovers Pan crust pizza! It is AMAZING!! Keep up the good work!
-Amy from Ashland

OH","Pizza Hut is the only chain that offers a pizza specific to us - Ohio's Best! It has the perfect combination of deep dish crust, toppings and cheeses - it is delicious!"
-"Cindy from Poland

"There's just something about the taste of a Pizza Hut Pan pizza! The amazing sauce that no one else can double, topped with just the right amount of cheese, add some toppings, and it's my dream pizza! I could eat it all the time and not get tired of it!"
-Michael from Aurora

Pizza Hut has the best pizza in the world. Everyone at my local Pizza Hut (in Sheffield Lake) goes out of their way to make my experience the best ever.
-Lisa from Sheffield Lake

"Food to me is spiritual; I spend so much of my life devoted to making the very best food for my family and myself and I have to tell you that Pizza Hut is the very best pizza I have ever had the pleasure to eat....I assure it is a GREAT pleasure, the crust is as good as the first bite and you all know how rare that is. Keep it up!"
-Julie from Brunswick

"We enjoy Pizza Hut pizza. We all like different things and you have lots of choices. The Stuffed Crust pizza is very, very good. I like to get that with garlic dip; makes it even better. Delivery is very nice too for when I am running behind and can not get out. Keep up the good work!"

"I think this website is great, and I look forward to getting the coupons I used to get a lot that seem less common."

"I was surprised"" to see a $10.00 coupon in my mail! Thanks for the Birthday Present! Looks like you have a good thing going!"""

"My love for Pizza Hut is real! Natural ingredients are a plus for us diabetics! The sauce not sweetened with high fructose syrup! Yes! I served this wonderful pizza to my family and I can honestly say they enjoyed it, right down to the very last slice! I was a hit! Thank you Pizza Hut!"
-Judi from Oak Harbor

"The crust, the cheese, the sauce, We love it all!!"
-Becky from Ashland

"Hey, Mom! You think I ask you to order Pizza Hut pizza when I come for a visit to save you time in the kitchen. It's not that all! Although you have cooked for about 70 years, Pizza Hut still has the edge on you! Nothing personal. I just like great pizza!"
-Camille from Macedonia

Pizza Hut food is great. It to me is the best pizza and restaurant by far. Whenever my son and I eat at a pizza place or get pizza to go or whatever the plan may be. We always go to pizza hut. I have never gotten bad food or a mixed up order and I have been getting pizza and other food items from pizza hut for over 2 years now and I will continue to. Pizza Hut is the GREATEST.
-Libby from Sunbury

Pizza Hut's crust is absolutely the best. No one can come close to its perfection. The sausage is also definitely tops!

"We love to take the whole family to Pizza Hut, but especially the grandkids; they love it!"
-Grace from North Canton

"Pizza Hut has the most delicious pizza. You can count on the quality and taste to be what you expect, plus it's always piping hot."
-Jo from Mentor

"I was very impressed with the pizza. It was excellent compared to some I have had lately. Tasty, right amount of topping and I really enjoyed the crust. Ordered by phone for pick up, just ready when I arrived. Service was very good, polite greeting with a smile, and a clean place."

I have tried many different pizzas over the years and I always come back to Pizza Hut. I think that you have the best and tastiest crust and the freshest tasting sauce. Your deep dish pizza is my favorite. I like the fact that you use fresh vegetables on your pizzas. Thank you for being a pizza maker on whom I can always count for quality and continuity.

We received a free coupon in the mail Saturday and I want to thank you so much! My husband had a stroke and is unable to do anything. When I told him about the free pizza he was happy and could not believe it. You made his day; thank you so much. God Bless.